Sunday, October 25, 2009

Todo es bueno

My browser now displays everything in espanol. Que Bueno! We have a very nice security guard here who carried in our groceries after foodshopping at the SuperMaxi. Yes the foodstore is called SuperMaxi. I bought a bag of quinoa for under $2 as well as cartons of black and blue berries for .55 a carton! Crazy cheap food, especially produce! When we got back, Donna made me try this odd Ecuadorian fruit that has a hard, orange shell and the insides look like fish eggs that you have to scoop out with a spoon to eat. IT was a nice exotic experience - but probably not one that I will repeat anytime soon. I also took pictures of this that I might feel like posting later in the week.

After foodshopping and a brief tour of the school and the city I ventured off to take a walk around town. Let me tell you, the weather was PERFECT. It was about 75 degrees, with a breeze and a hot, penetrating sun that tinted my skin pink due to the high altitude. I walked to a little tienda where I purchased a large box of Peach juice for sesenticinco (75) cents and then sat on the rooftop patio of our apartment overlooking the whole city and drank a bit of it. After a nap and some skyping encounters I heard loud, hillsong-esque worship music coming from a couple blocks away. I wandered up the street and found a large church with a lively worship band. I stood in the back as the only white person in the whole large room and worshipped with them a bit. I was thankful to find a church so close to home!

When I got back Donna had her two friends over for dinner and we ate a great, homey american meal complete with mashed potatoes and apple pie and talked about their lives living all around the world in Columbia, the Phillipines, China, Kuwait.

Don't worry after today I definetely won't have the time or energy to be writing such elaborate play-by-play blog updates. Tomorrow is my first day of school! I'm excited to meet my kiddos! The school is literally 2 blocks up the street, but it is up a very steep road. Pray that I don't pass out from exhaustion hiking up that hill, the altitude makes EVERYTHING more challenging. Ok good night, it is bedtime for me soon! Love and miss you all.

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