Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Buenos Tardes mis amigos y familia! Today was my second day at La Academia Cotopaxi. The teacher that I am working with is PHENOMENAL. He loves the students, teaches the way that they need to learn and is hilarious. He makes both me and the students laugh throughout the day and has been incredibly accomodating and welcoming. I already have a large handful of resources and great, new lesson ideas. I know that I will leave this placement a much more prepared teacher. I'll start teaching next week!

The school is gorgeous. I will take pictures of it later this week or next. There is a large cage of chirping birds in the courtyard in the center of the campus and all the hallways are more like a large patio that extends in a circle connecting the classrooms. Our classroom is huge with large windows, wooden floors and a general warm feeling about it.

I am currently enthralled with my 16 intelligent, witty, sweet fourth grade students. It's incredible that I can reason with them and have adult-like conversations! All but like 3 or 4 are Ecuadorian or are originally from a Spanish-speaking country, which means that all but these 3 or 4 speak Spanish as their first language. We have one beautiful little girl from Spain who came this year without a word of English. She is learning quickly and part of my TESOL Practicum is working with her in both a push-in and pull-out setting.

All of these children come from families with some major money. Several of them are driven to and from school by a chauffeur and a few even have a body guard who escorts them into and out of the school. Their parents have jobs such as ambassadors to Ecuador, special agents, and several of their parents work in the petroleum business.

I am getting an interesting perspective on education in the world. This school has American, Canadian and a few Ecuadorian teachers. Each have come from a different background in education and have quite the variety of perspectives and understandings. They are all very friendly and helpful. Today after school I walked to a little organic food store down the street to buy a few things and made a delicious dinner.

I am looking forward to maybe getting to spend some time this weekend with Julie and maybe Barbie too at Alliance Academy. Everyone that I work and/or live with here is 35 or older and has lived in at least 2 other countries. I'm feeling the desire to spend time with some people my own age who have had similiar life experiences! Praise the Lord that Julie and Barbie are just 15 minutes away! OK And here are just a few pics of my home in Quito : )

This is on our apartment's rooftop patio: This is my room :): View from my window! You should see it at night... unbelievable. The whole mountain is covered in little lights

Ok now you have a little picture of what it is like here. I love you all. Hasta luego!


  1. WOW - this is an awesome update princess. What an experience. Just remember that as impressive as the people and children are there, they have only just begun to see how fortunate they are to have you there. No question that God has arranged for you all to come together and you are there for a purpose. We will be praying for you and anxious to hear all the updates. Love you Princess. -Dad-

  2. I LOVE hearing about your update! please please please, keep me updated. We miss you a lot here in Brockton. Our prayers are with you! Keep it real BRA! ;-)

    <3 hannah

  3. kristina this sounds/looks amazinnnng! i commented on your last post but i don't know what happened to it :( Sounds like you are going to have an AMAZING experience! Who are Julie and Barbie? Where is the teacher you are working with from? We should skype soon! Love you tons!

  4. This all sounds incredible hermana! I'm so happy that you're having such a fantastic time already. Jess & decided that we should skype you together sometime :)I miss you and love you!!